Marla Maples

American Actress, Singer

Presenter & Humanitarian

Faith Over Fear in

Difficult Times

Calvin LeHew

Nationally Sought After Writer

Lecturer & Community Leader

What Life Taught Me About Manifesting

Valencia Breckenridge

CEO of GraceWorks Ministries

30+ Years of Nonprofit Expertise

Unlikely Bedfellows: Public and Private Partnerships

Bob Hutchins

Writer, Speaker Businessman

Ambiguous Loss &

Tragic Optimism: Our Journey through Collective Grief

Amy LaGrant

Leading Marketing

& Gerontology Professional



Joanna Massey, P.h.D.

CEO, Author, Adviser

Culture Shock

Jenny Black

Writer, Founder, Therapist

The Slow Drip of Media Trauma

William Brittain

Student, Actor, Aspiring Doctor

Lost Art of Literature: In a World

of Instant Gratification


Landon Starbuck

National Thought Leader

Speaker, Writer

Stopping The Epidemic of Child Trafficking & Exploitation

Kendall Grimes

Student, State Champion & Semi-Finalist of 'Poetry Out Loud'

The Power of Words

Mary Grace Bender

Cellist, Recording Artist

Performer & Teacher

How Music is Language that Transcends Generations

Peter Alessandria 

Award-winning Photographer & Filmmaker

Five Things I've Learned About Forgiveness